Eeew Emu

The smell was completely out of proportion to the amount of flesh remaining on this dessicated emu.

Guest Contribution

It delights me to no end that my loved ones always think of me whenever they see the mangled carcass of some unlucky animal on the side of the road.  It delights me even more when they send me the photgraphic evidence of their devotion to my perverse hobby.

Aside from the highways of Mexico, cow road-kill is not especially abundant, thanks largely to the invention of barbed wire.  A cow is a large and rather sturday animal, and hitting one with any degree of velocity must be modestly painful to one's vehicle. 

Some day soon, I will re-post my story of "The Best Road Kill Ever" from the San Diablo Archives.  In the meantime, I present these two lovely shots from Western Australia, kindly forwarded by Mike and Devona.

Thanks for thinking of me - as if you could help it!

This one looks ready to blow!

Oh, how I adore rigor-mortis!

Spiny Norman Down Under

I love specimens with lolling tongues!


I love how the eyes sometimes look like cartoon crosses...

And how the asshole has become an outie...

Wombat Alley

Every dead wombat along this stretch of road near Fitzgerald Falls featured a few parts from the offending vehicle. A small act of vengeance.

African Skulls

10 days traipsing around the Black Rhino Intensive Protection Zone in Hwange National Park allowed me to inspect carcasses of exotic animals. My guides thought I was a ittle kooky having my picture taken with every skull we found, but I wanted to take the skulls home with me!

Cape Buffalo


Warthog - good eatin' too.


The day before my arrival, an elephant had an unfortunate collision with a train. The train was wrecked, but every yard was filled with strips of elephant meat drying in the sun. At the auto repair shop, I saw a man leaning over the stump of an elephant leg with a chainsaw. He looked up and smiled as I rode past.